Personal Training


We believe that personnel training is just that personal.  Each instructor has their personal styles to PT check out the instructors below for more info. Personal training is also ideal for children to, with personal session available with Sally, Colin, Danny and Emma

We believe that at least once in your life time you should get to be the best version of you that you can – Let us help you

We have 9 different instructors who are available for PT.  From boxing, Muay thai, Mauy Boran,  Kali/Escrima sticks,  Strength and Conditioning, Body Transformations, Kickboxing, Yoga,  Self defence, Sports mind coaching and fight specific training camps, Group Training, Pad Sessions, Sports Coaching.

Improve Fitness Have Support Master New Skills Get Your Body Back

Get healthy Get on it Get fit Get into lions

Single session
Sally Lewis - Boxing and Transformations
Colin Lewis - Muay Thai, K1, Boxing and Transformations
Aaron Smith - Boxing and Transformations.
Danny Peerless - Boxing
Murphy - Muay Boran, Sticks
Andy Henry - Muay thai
Gift set
Block book 10 sessions for £300
You can complete the whole course with one coach or vary it up.
Time for two
Share the same hour pt session with a friend saving you £25
Bulk booking discount available on request

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