Sam Wilson

His friendly manner makes him an easy coach, coupled with his decades of experience in and out the Muay Thai ring makes the classes fun and practical at the same time.

Although everyone who is in the class has no intention to enter the ring, Sams attitude towards every student and training session is the same.  You train with the attitude of a fighter in regards to drills and techniques and drive,  all without the aggression and ego of a stereo typical fighter session making it an easy place to learn and hone new skills.

Sam particually likes "gym challanges" Which once you have done one you will relise how fit you are and how quickly you improve

These are great sessions for beginners and if your more experience you probably know who he is and know how great his sessions really are .

Sam wilson

Former ranked Muay Thai Fighter

1 in the UK

With 40 fights

26 Wins 4 draws 10 losses

Winning multiple European and UK title belts and was former ranked 1 in the UK with the UKMF

He has been training since his early teens and has experienced training and competing in Thailand.  This has given him an authentic style coupled with Sams own flair.

Ultimately Sam fighting ability speaks for itself however Sam as a coach is equally as impressive.  His ability to get the best out of you with a smile and a friendly manner makes his classes enjoyable and wanting more.

With Sams personality it makes him an obvious choice for beginners to Muay Thai and with his wealth of experience he is a perfect match for more experienced students of Muay Thai.  So basically as long as you are willing to learn Sam is your man.

Single session
Sally Lewis - Boxing and Transformations
Colin Lewis - Muay Thai, K1, Boxing and Transformations
Aaron Smith - Boxing and Transformations.
Danny Peerless - Boxing
Murphy - Muay Boran, Sticks
Andy Henry - Muay thai
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