Adults Classes

Murphy has a very laid back approach to his classes.  He has a deep knowledge of the traditions and is eager to share all of the information that was passed down to him from his instructor.  The sessions are easy to learn braking things down into small chunks in which to learn.  Murphy is a strong believe in the basics and will often strip right back to the beginning to ensure that each students fully understands the movements.  The sessions are taught more along the line of a martial arts class where just hitting something hard wont cut it in Murphys class,  the techniques need to be correct and follow the Muay Thai way.

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Childrens sessions

 In the new year Murphy along with sally and colin will be beginning a Muay thai syllabus for the childrens classes.   This will include not only how to competently preform traditional techniques of eight limbs but also the culture of muay thai, from basic spoken thai words, wui kru, demonstration weapons (sticks) and understanding of this ancient art.

The children will be graded apon passing students recieve a Muay Thai armbands called the Druang Rang or the Prajioud (or Prajeer depending on the dialect to signify there understanding of that level.

 Murphy has been part of the team for what seems like the beginning,  His traditional teaching of Muay Boran means he offers a different angle in which to see Muay Thai.    Not only are the techniques applicable to the ring sport but also you will learn a deeper understanding of the traditional side.

Murphy is available for personal training session.  He offers a alternative view to sports Muay Thai.  Specialising in Mauy Boran fighting style which includes traditional aspects of the style that was originally used for combat.  From the basics through to war field applications, the teaching of his regional wai kru (Traditional dance preformed before combat).

Single session
Sally Lewis - Boxing and Transformations
Colin Lewis - Muay Thai, K1, Boxing and Transformations
Aaron Smith - Boxing and Transformations.
Danny Peerless - Boxing
Murphy - Muay Boran, Sticks
Andy Henry - Muay thai
Gift set
Block book 10 sessions for £300
You can complete the whole course with one coach or vary it up.
Time for two
Share the same hour pt session with a friend saving you £25
Bulk booking discount available on request

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