Emma Isichei

Emma Functional fitness session involve alot of sweating and laughs  (Emma has a great laugh)

They are cardio intense sessions, aiming to raise your heart rate, get you sweating and get you into that training zone where you will try anything.  Whether your new to fitness or a regular gym goer these sessions will improve you dramatically.

She uses equipment like, ropes, kettle bells, tyres and incorporate using your own body as a weight of resistance.

Emma is an ex-gymnast that represented club, region and country as a child, and this is where her love for sport begun. As a proud mother of two, she continued to train and in her late 30s turned to competing in Duathlons for fun (which she still managed to come in the top 3 contenders (for fun :0 )

She continues to pass her passion for fitness by training others and having fun doing so. Her motto is “Believe in yourself & be strong”

Emma own personal strength and love of using her body makes her an ideal personal trainer.  When your brain says no she will show you that its achievable until every lift, sprint, press up becomes a welcome challenge.

She has a winners heart and will carry that into the sessions making your suceess her sucess and will be expecting nothing less than your full effort in every session.  In return your body will dramatically change at a pass previously never seen.   Your fitness will be increase up to the level of a fighter. (Emma often trains the fighters during there fight camps).  Your mental stamina will increase and overflow into your everyday life.

Wow this sound so good I think I might book some sessions  😉

Emma can also do fitness and stamina based sessions for children

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