Andy Henry

Tuesdays Muay thai class drills can very between K1 and Mauy thai drills.  His class has a high emphasis on the more practical side of drilling for a combat sport.  He uses combinations that work  effectively and are easy to learn.  Using traditional techniques this class pay attention to working with a partner and understanding reactions from a real opponent.

Andy session are a mixture of pad work and partner work.   Is ideal for beginners and seasoned  practitioners.

Andy Henry has been with Lions Watford for over 4 years. Being the first instructor to join the lewis team to build “The Den”.

Andy is the young age of 48 and has been involved in Muay Thai for about 15-20 years, having fought Western boxing and kickboxing in my younger years.

“I’ve spent about 3 1/2 years in Thailand, much of it at the now famous Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, having been the fourth customer and returning several times for extended stays.

I’ve also spent time in Northern Thailand, representing SKP Muay Thai, a small, emerging gym outside Chiangmai with trainers from the legendary Pinsinchai stable.

I fought numerous times in SE Asia, with a mix of local and Western opponents, collecting about 25 stitches in my face and a dozen wins, along with some painful losses.

I started padholding for a mate who wanted to fight and have now hold for a number of aspiring fighters as well as helping a few high level fighters prepare for shows.”

Andy also has been training and supporting his partner Alaina Douglas,  who looking to become an up and coming fighter on the UK Muay Thai scene,  watch out for her in 2018 events throughout the UK.

With his decades of experience and genuine muay thai life Andy is a fantastic source of information for any level of client.

Picture to the left is three of Andy clients participating at a recent interclub.  Although competition is not essential or an aim Andy enjoys getting people up to a level where the feel confident to get in the ring to compete and compare their skills.

Andy is available for personal training session.  His ideal clients are either lighter in frame for pad sessions or want to work on drills or come in twos.  Years of fighting and pad holding have taken the pleasure out of pad holding for heavy hitters.

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Colin Lewis - Muay Thai, K1, Boxing and Transformations
Aaron Smith - Boxing and Transformations.
Danny Peerless - Boxing
Murphy - Muay Boran, Sticks
Andy Henry - Muay thai
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