As students of martial arts Colin and Sally enjoyed and still do travel around the UK and Europe to train with multiple instructors. They believe that for Lions to progress even further the students needed influence and instruction for many a different angle and perspective. Since this decision Lions has been luck to having some of the best instructors the UK can offer and they are all under one roof.

Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis

Sally has been teaching for over a decade. Enjoying the variation of teaching children to adult to the ladies only classes.

After training as an assistant instructor and reaching her black belts she was chosen by the Master of Qi Kwan DO to become a Chief Instructor.  She took the opportunity to propel her life into a different direction with both hands, Her knowledge of the style along with a determination to be the best instructor-led her to have one of the largest schools in the art.  During this time she was consistently improving her knowledge through seminars, courses, and training in other disciplines.  This led her to fall in love with Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing.


Colin Lewis was the founder of Lions Thai Boxing later to become Lions Watford.   His martial arts career begins in his early teens with various styles practiced which have helped him as a building block when he began to re-train and ultimately become an instructor. He enjoys the fighting side of K1 and Muay Thai,  he is in charge of the fighters from lions and often heads the squad around the country and abroad.  Driving Lions and the fighter in a forward motion to achieve titles and rankings.



Andy Henry

Andy Henry has been with Lions Watford for over 4 years. Being the first instructor to join the Lewis team to build “The Den”. Andy is the young age of 48 and has been involved in Muay Thai for about 15-20 years, having fought Western boxing and kickboxing in my younger years. “I’ve spent about 3 1/2 years in Thailand, much of it at the now famous Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, having been the fourth customer and returning several times for extended stays.
Sam wilson

Sam Wilson

Former ranked Muay Thai Fighter 1 in the UK

With 40 fights 26 Wins 4 draws 10 losses

Winning multiple European and UK title belts and was former ranked 1 in the UK with the UKMF

He has been training since his early teens and has experienced training and competing in Thailand.  This has given him an authentic style coupled with Sams own flair.

Mark Surge

+25 fights including boxing, southern area title former UK Ranked fighter and now an experienced coach, qualified cutman for IMMAF - International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

Fought out of KO gym for a number of years,  Part of Team Nasser K. stable.  Now coaching at Lions Gym and Perun gym

Leon leon Chevallier

He has had an extensive fight career and trained in many other camps including Keawsamrit, Jitti's and WMC Lamai. Leon has been a full-time professional fighter and coach for a number of years with a 25 fight career. He has a number of titles and at one point he was ranked number 5 in the UK.

Ashley Baldwin

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Stuart East

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