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The great thing about the girls/ladies only boxing sessions is that there is a real mixture of:

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Ladies Only Boxing Classes




Fitness Levels

We have ladies from all walks of life. The shared factor in all the sessions is the good nature among the ladies training, and their shared interest in boxing. Many of the women have become friends through training. Female Students feel part of a team, and support each other.

  • Most women in our ladies boxing sessions are looking for good health and a rigorous workout ,  working out to burn-off calories and build-up stamina, and others who want to learn about boxing. We have ladies from all walks of life, most of them train in the boxing sessions are looking for good health and a rigorous workout ,  working out to burn-off calories and build-up stamina, and others who want to learn about boxing to the point of competing.

    • We have alot of students from previous or up and coming Ultra white collar boxing UWCB events where they feel "at home or at ease" in the ladies classes.  Either way, women’s boxing is enjoying a huge surge of interest.
    • Whether boxing for fun or boxing for competition, one of the major features that appeal to women is learning the fundamentals. The fundamentals include foot and hand placement, foot and hand movement, throwing punches, hitting the speed and the heavy bags and of course, the gruelling circuit work, then the five or ten mile runs while throwing punches and boxing an imaginary opponent.
    • For women who are interested in sparring and actually climbing in the ring with an opponent  I would recommend a daily sharpening of the hand skills, footwork and the punching power which would be greater accelerated with personal training session rather than a class.

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The ladies only Muay thai sessions are varied between techniques, partner drills and pads.   The classes themselves are fun and challenging,  with a friendly group of ladies these are more than just a great way to active, challenge yourself, learn something new, have an hour off of life but also a environment where you can TRY,  the more comfortable you are at trying more confident you will develop as the weeks go on.

Most of the women started off with little to no experience,  with no really passion for exercise - now pretty much all of them are regular gym goes on top of training and have changed the lifestyle so much that even their eating habit to more healthier option too.

Ladies only Muay Thai

Monday 8pm + Wednesday 7pm

Decent Basics

Techniques and body positioning that everything else stems from. Without these basics, then quality and  effective techniques can be built on top of them. At any level, good basics are what separates the bad from the good, and the good from the great.

Footwork is one of primary concern.  The aim is for neat footwork to become naturally.

Hand positioning should be second nature, whether it be in throwing an attacking strike or defending an incoming attack – Fighting is different .

Head positioning should be as safe as possible during sparring. The chin should be tucked and eyes should be looking at the target. Any turning away from punches should be eradicated before competition is a viable option. Unnecessarily moving the head into the line of fire should be minimal against students of a similar experience.

Balance is a quality which underpins every movement the student makes. Remaining balanced during footwork, striking and clinching is the backbone of a fighter. Shadow work is the best place to train and assess unforced balance issues.

Strike recovery is often overlooked by beginners as they don’t realise the importance of being able to pull the striking limb back to where it started from quickly, while remaining balanced throughout. Failure to get this right will result in the student getting countered… a lot.

Spontaneous and untaught reactions such as flinching during sparring is not acceptable at this stage and can leave the fighter extremely vulnerable. These reactions should be trained out with defence drills and different sparring drills.

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Sally Lewis has been teaching for over 12 year,  and currently enjoy teaching both the ladies only Muay thai and boxing.  The boxing started since surge of females from the UWBC who

wanted additional training to there schedule.  Having been teaching martial arts for over a decade and participating herself several time in the UWCB.  Sally added these sessions to the timetable realising how much growth and fun can be had by boxing sessions.
When she decided to follow the path of a coach one here main goal was to teach women.  She fell in love with exerciser after joining a local martial arts class, and now wants to share the benefits and pleasures of pushing yourself physically and mentally to create a peak version of yourself.


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