Interclubs and Shows


An interclub is an event that enables the students to improve their Muay Thai skills at more pressured pace than sparring in your own club but with less power and aggression than an shows.

Student will have needed to participated in regular sparring sessions at the club, which are regularly held on Sundays, some additional sessions.

“We recommend  personal training sessions to help improve participant’s techniques focusing on fighting strategies that are taught to aid the fighter when competing.”

All interclub events have fight officials referee and time keeper; students are encouraged to spar in controlled safe environment learning from each other’s techniques and strategies. Trophies and  are awarded on the day. Everybody is welcome to support their club and fighters on the day.

Interclubs are held regularly throughout the year at other gyms and soon to be held at lions. Clubs from around the country will be welcome to join the Interclub event.   To entre an interclub the head instructor of the club will send their Club name Instructor and students name with the students weight age and experience. We will match each person prior to the day.

Interclubs are light to heavy sparring bouts between various gyms.  Simulate an amateur bout from making weight to dealing with nerves he or she will experience in a real fight. At lions we teach sports coaching to get there nerves under control, helping them to perform closer to their potential.

These interclub events are be carried out with protective gear i.e. shin guards, gloves, groin guard, mouth piece and maybe even belly guards. Power should be restricted and a set of rules should be explained to all fighters beforehand.