Helpful Advise

Helpful advice

Hand Wraps
A good pair of Boxing / Muay Thai hand wraps will ensure that your knuckles and wrists are protected when you punch. Properly protecting your hands is key, especially if you train regularly. The impact of punch after punch, day after day, week after week can really take a toll on your hands.  We advise always wrapping your hands unless an instructor specifically says no wraps. If you are new or unsure of what wraps to get or how to wrap ask someone at the reception,  they will be able to help Read More
Warm Up
These are designed to help you properly raise your heart rate while loosening your joints and muscles before jumping into strenuous activity and also more importantly to us stop the mental chatter that we all have during the day.  It helps you concentrate on the rest of the session making each lesson more productive than the last.   PLEASE turn up at least 10 mins before your class starts.
Cool down
Every instructor varies from how much time the leave within the session for a cooldown and a stretch.    We would advise that you start to explore different styles of cool down to help improve your overall fitness performance and throughout the day to day life.  There are equipment and aids all around the gym like rollers and ball coupled with the yoga should make stretching more interesting and varied Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear
Ideally, as you get more into the chosen sport you will want to make sure you have the customary clothing,  most sports have tried and tested the most beneficial clothing.  If you are new, loose clothing, layers for if you need to cool down or keep warm the end of the session.  Barefoot or indoor shoes are cn only be used when training.  Optional club apparel is available on reception.
Is there spare equipment?
Yes , we have spare equipment for first-timers.  For obvious hygiene issue, we recommend that you begin to aid your training with your own equipment.   Different discipline use slightly different gloves and some oz gloves are not ideal for sparing with.  If you are unsure of what to get ask someone of the reception to help you.

Should I eat anything or drink before
We recommend drinking water during training ,   Often there are oranges on reception or bring your own fruit for a pick me up after or before a challenging session.  We do not recommend caffeine or any pre-workout before training, your brain needs to be able to process the information as clearly as possible and some chemicals will hinder your learning