Childrens Muay Thai

Childrens Muay Thai

Would you like your children to develop confidence, self-esteem and focus? How about learning discipline, respect and goal setting skills? What if we could teach your child about a healthy lifestyle, positive attitude and self-defence skills?


It is not all about kicking at punching here at Lions, we want your children to learn skills that will be useful no matter what they put their mind to.

Goal setting

At Lions we feel goal setting is one of life most important life skills.

Working with others

Learning the importance of making a positive impact on others and how co-operation and team work speeds up  results .

Practice makes permanent

Learning that everything is achievable with proper practice.  Repetition teaches everyone

Understanding the basic

We make sure they learn the basic principles of how the body moves when its at it most efficient


Confidence is build from the inside, from the freedom to try new things, knowing everything is a lesson.  There is success in everything including failure

Self defence

Although we teach Muay thai as a sports, it also is helpful for the rest of anyone's life.  The ability to get yourself out of trouble and the fitness to be able to last longer or run faster


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Sally Lewis
Sally Lewis

Mrs Lewis has been teaching martial arts since 2006.  She loves the challenges and rewards of helping little people grow and relise there dreams

colin lewis
Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis loves teaching children and especially enjoys to highs and lows of helping them through competitions and events


Little Lions
designed for 3-6 year olds
wed 4.30 pm
Kids Silver
One training session a week
Standing order cancelled at any time.
Kids Gold
Train to your hearts content
5 days a week training
Paid by standing order can be cancelled at any time.
Kids Platinum
*** Saving 10% ***
Six months unlimited training in all Lions session
Cross train to your hearts content
Plus free Lions membership
Kids Platinum +
1 Years unlimited in all Lions session
Cross train to your hearts content
Plus 1 years free Lions membership
Plus free hoodie