Family Muay Thai classes

Get in Shape:
There is no doubt that classes at Lions will get you in great physical condition. Classes will definitely get your heart rate up, improve your flexibility while you learn valuable skills that will give you a well-rounded martial arts education.
Set and Achieve Goals as a Family

Setting and accomplishing short-term goals to achieve long-term goals is an important part of training at lions. Now add the whole family into the mix and now there is something very powerful. The fact that family members support each other through encouragement and shared the effort, strengthens the relationships of any family. When the goals are achieved, it is life-altering for all involved!

Spend quality family time together

Family sessions allow children and adults to train together in the same class. With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, These sessions give the whole family unit an opportunity to be together in a positive environment. Most importantly, spending quality time together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


This class is extremely fun and exciting. Family classes take the emphasis away from the parents and place it on the training. This is one of the biggest benefits for parents of our Family Program. Moms and dads are parents 24 hours a day every day. In the Family Program, children and parents are training partners and leave the parenting to us. This way moms and dads can have FUN with their children and enjoy the quality time together.