Adults Muay thai

We have various different instructors who teach slightly different variations of Muay Thai.

Beginners are more than welcome

Just get ready to show heart and willing 🙂  In return for your consistent effort your ability, skill, fitness level and body shape will improve at a very great speed.

New you

Fall in love with something new.  Training when you actually like doing it is FUN, SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO, EASY and the results will be the icing on the cake.

Lifestyle change

Training in Muay Thai is the start,  Training at Lions regularly changes more than just your  ability to punch.  As you develop physically you will also develop the skill of consistency, commitment and self discipline which can be used to improve all aspects of your life. Including what food you put into your body

Recreational hobby

The classes are manly recreational - meaning that the emphasis is on training and not just getting into a ring.  Providing a friendly, fun group to train along with, mainly consisting of the really fun bits of training - hitting pads,  practicing partnerwork .....

Learn to use your body

Lions  teaches you a powerful combination using technique and body movement.  You will start to use heavy low kicks, powerful mid and head kicks along with along with driving knee strikes, elbows and punches with natural fluidly.

Want to compete ?

Want to compete?

The benefits of getting in the ring are amazing and we feel if anyone is interested in competing that its our privilege to be part of this life changing journey. We providing our own interclubs and shows as well as attending shows further afield in the UK and Europe.