Childrens Classes

Fitness, Self confidence and self defence

Would you like your children to develop confidence, self esteem and focus?

How about learning discipline, respect and goal setting skills?

What if we could teach your child about a healthy life style, positive attitude and self defence skills?

These are just some of the things kids learn in lions childrens classes.  Our childrens classes cover the fundamentals designed specifically for children and focuses on the basic principles of stand up skills.

These are just some of the things kids learn in lions childrens mauy thai classes. Its not all about kicking at punching here at Lions, we want your children to learn skills that will be useful no mater what they put their mind to. Our goal is to help them have their own discipline, to set goals, and be confident in themselves to be able to succeed in anything they put their mind to.  Along with the importance of making a positive impact on others.

Lions childrens Muay Thai is taught in a engaging and interactive fashion.

Over years of combined knowledge and input from other leading English Mauy Thai gyms we have developed a Muay Thai grading system which we believe gives children the structure and reward system inwhich they thrive and improve.  Along with teaching them the most beautiful sport of Thai Boxing. The sessions a friendly and fun mixture of learning how to work as a team,  co-operate with partners and essentials of Muay Thai - From techniques, movement and philosophies . Giving children a health outlet and challenge them at the same time.

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Competition, interclubs and Events

Some children like to compete which we are proud to say we have access to interclubs and all the best kickboxing + Muay thai events in England and Europe. This is only done if the child feels ready (and we/the parents agree) and in their own time.

See events calendar for fight events to support of compete in.

Childrens Kickboxing

Class consists of exercises and techniques for all ability level to prepare them to advance and excel at all goals and challenges they may face both physically and mentally.

The sessions are high in cardio, with a large portion of most sessions involving pad work and hanging bag work. Working on kicking and boxing techniques appropriate for that age group.

The sessions are faster paced yet we still like to keep the lions friendly and fun feel within the session.

Meet the coaches

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