Adults Classes

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At lions Muay Thai is taught as a recreational activity and as a ring sport. Meaning that whether you are looking for a fun and interesting way to learn something new, improve your bodies ability, increase your desire to get more out of life or test your abilities in the ring we have sessions for you. We have various different instructors who teach slightly different variations of Muay Thai. Click there image for more details

ladies Only Muay thai watford

We also offer ladies only Muay Thai

Beginners are more than welcome, just get ready to show heart and willing ūüôā¬†¬†In return for your consistent effort your ability, skill, fitness level and body shape will improve at a very great speed.

Lions kickboxing teaches you powerful Western-style boxing combined where you will start to use heavy low kicks, powerful mid and head kicks along with along with driving knee strikes

naturally and fluidly.  You will learn a pressure style of  footwork and strike from different angles, exploring how to better adjusted your body to heavy swings and left+right+left+right strike combinations.  Currently the

classes are many recreational - meaning that the emphasis is on training and not just getting into a ring (We will be added fighters sessions in the new year)

We have various different instructors who teach kickboxing.  Click there image for more details [supsystic-gallery id='26']

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Sessions available 5 times a week, alongside personal training sessions with any of our coaches. Whether you are interested in getting fit, getting out of the house, finding a new hobby or have aspirations to compete there is a session (or two) for you.

Contact us or come in to get started.

Lions is the proud host of the UWCB Watford show and trains fighters four times a year for 8 weeks before stepping into the ring and fighting in the name of charity and Cancer Research.

lions watford ladies only boxing We also do ladies only Boxing

Day Pass
Unlimited training for that day in any class
Cash or Bank Transfer
1week trial
Unlimited in all Lions session
Cross train to your hearts content
Once a week training
Choose either Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing.
Standing order cancelled at any time.
Unlimited Styles
Cross train to your hearts content
Kickboxing K1, Muay Thai, Boxing Yoga, and strength and conditioning.
Paid by standing order can be cancelled at any time.
Six months unlimited in all Lions session
Cross train to your hearts content
Plus free insurance
Platinum +
1 Years unlimited in all Lions session
Cross train to your hearts content
Plus 1 years free insurance
Plus free T-shirt

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