I do have ABS – My Story …

I do have ABS – My Story …

Fast approaching 40 and having slipped into the routine of 8-10 reps, while also honestly avoiding the known cardio and abs sessions … I decided to train as a “boxer” & enter the squared RING to compete, 1 on 1 at a UWCB event.
I wanted to be pushed and see just how far I could push myself physically and mentally!!
Did I still have Abs? Only time would tell 🙂
But I was 100% up for the challenge and had no excuses to fail.

I found my local club (Lions) and decided to walk in and find out more!! Nervous, yes, anxious, yes – but my journey had started and I knew these first steps would take me on the desired path …

I started training with LIONS twice a week and over a twelve week period increased that to four sessions a week inc competitive hard sparring tbh! Ouch!!

All staff at the club are friendly and offer advice plus given your own passion to learn and develop you will see improvements both physically and mentally very quickly.
Every Lion, encourages a respectful and enjoyable experience and that is down to the owners and the way the club is run.

Lots of dedication, sweat at hard group sessions and a slight diet change resulted in me shedding 28 lbs. YES 2 Stone!!!
Physically and mentally I had become stronger and was ready for the UWCB event. I am pleased to say I won.
1 and 0 I retire undefeated but will continue the training as I’m in the best shape of my life … oh and YES I do have ABS