Lions Watford Kickboxing

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Lions Watford Boxing

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Childrens Classes

Fitness, Self confidence and self defence


About us

Why Lions?

We are a family run gym,  we like to feed ideas, defend dreams and develop passion.  Through training we have realised that the same dedication it takes to be good at a sport can be integrated into peoples lifestyle,  So far the results have been fascinating.

From complete novice to pro fighter,  from overweight to entering a bodybuilding competition, shy introvert to being on a stage, out of control with no real focus to a calm, determined, driven up and coming fighter,  couldn’t run to entering marathons……The list goes on.  However we know it all starts with three key sides.  Your mind,  Your fitness/health and your diet.   Get these three right and the world is yours,  and it all starts the minute you enter Lions.
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The Gym

The gym itself comprises of three different designated areas.
A reception area and main room with heavy hanging bags and matted floor is at the heart of the building. When you walk in you are greeted by our ring area and free weight section. At the rear of the building is a completely separate room where all the ladies only and yoga sessions take place. It is also available for room or building hire    <<<More>>>


Sally and Colin Lewis, husband and wife team are just that a team.
They enjoy the students that make up lions and feel honored an privileged to have some of the best instructors in the South East as part of their pride, and are very often found training in the other instructors classes on their “day off” as part of the pack.

Believing that your vibe attacks your tribe, Lions Watford is a unique training environment. With people often feeling “at home“ within a few lessons.
Having worked with a dream and drive they have managed to start to make the name Lions known within Watford and also the UKs Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing community. Which they are enjoying being part of 🙂 We all look forward to whats in store for Lions in 2018 with more dreams and dedication, we all believe it will be their best year yet 🙂
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Giving Back

Lions feels it is important to be part of the change, within Watford and within the world. Which is why they help raise over £215,000 for cancer research uk. <<<Click here for details>>>

Along with a new programme to help young adults open up their thought process through sports. Whether its to assist them through the final years of school, help deal with emotions, channel their energy, help them realise a dream……. <<<Click here for more info>>>

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