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Lions Watford
Mauy Thai, Boxing and Yoga
Adults only, Ladies Only, Family, Children Classes
Training for the whole family
Lions Watford
Personal Training,
Group session and classes
Lions Watford
Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Adults only, Ladies Only, Family and Children Classes

Mauy Thai also knows as Thai Boxing is a great way to get fit, challenge yourself, improve yourself both physically and mentally. Helps build confidence and is widely recognized as the best sports based self defence art to train in.

Boxing Classes

Boxing Classes

Great British Sport

With padwork classes, Ultra White collar boxing events, Ladies Only, Mixed Classes and Adults only, if you looking to get fit and challenge yourself you should try our boxing classes

Lions Watford

Children, Family, Mixed, Ladies Only, Muay Thai, Boxing, Conditioning and yoga


We offer classes on upto 7 days a week. From beginner to seasoned fight, from children through to Adults only. We have a class for you

Personnel Training

Personal Trainer is just that …PERSONAL. Can’t motivate yourself? ........... Want quicker results?..... diets not working? We here to help, with tailored sessions to suit you, one to one or small groups

Friendly Atmosphere

Through out all the years of training and teaching we believe that training is a welcoming and friendly environment just makes life a little easier.

The Centre

With 3 matted rooms, Boxing ring, Hanging bags, pads and matts along with ployo and a free weight section.

UWBC Watford

8 weeks free training AND you get to raise money for cancer research UK. This event will change your life you will see a drastic improvement in your overall health, fitness and well being.

Special offer

Thats right free. For this month children and ladies only class the both offer a free first lesson

As some of our classes are of a sensitive to the specific needs of students and also under our child protection policy most of the classes do NOT  ENCOURAGE uninvited people into the centre. Therefore to ensure everyone has a warm welcome, if you have not been invited to the centre prior to your first visit please call 07814 708 411 to arrange a viewing/intro.

Monday  – Childrens class 17.30 – 18.30

                    Abs class 18.30 – 19.00
                    Mixed Muay thai 19.000

What’s News?

  • 31 July
    Mauy Thai Mayhem

    Three lions are competing in Crawley event

  •  20th June

    Additional advance kids classes begin

  • 19th June

    Sunday Morning Yoga is back on


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Ladies only classes

Ladies only classes

Gives you all your fitness needs in one activity

Our ladies only classes are structured involve pad sessions to tone up, shape up and get fit...

Personnel Training

Personnel Training

Personal training will not only help you achieve your goals but is also a great alternative to a regular gym. Fitness, accelerate and hone your learning or just a more personal experience